Tax law

The Miotti Law Firm offers a wide range of tax expertise thanks to our team of experienced lawyers, accountants and auditors.

We provide comprehensive and practical advice across the range of tax disputes, tax compliance and tax controversies, across all the jurisdictions.

We deliver commercial advices across the full spectrum of international and domestic tax issues and have unparalleled experience in advising on cross-border transactions, tax planning of M & A, joint ventures and corporate restructuring, the structured finance transactions, Real Estate, Project Financing, Consulting in terms of international taxation, and the opening of companies abroad.

The law firm offers pre-litigation and litigation assistance on issues covering tax and administrative sanctions against Tax Authorities, civil and criminal judicial authorities, not the least assistance during negotiation and transaction phases with the Administrative and Fiscal Authorities.

Legal assistance and drafting for appeals against Agenzia delle Entrate, Equitalia, Province and Town Authorities regarding sanctions, payment bills and tax notices.