European Union law

The Law Firm assists European citizens in recognition of all the rights granted to them by the European laws. We offer assistance to entrepreneurs and their companies to utilize the rights granted by the European Union, such as just the right to free movement of capital, goods, services and labor between the Member States.

The firm also follows the applications before the European Court Of Human Rights, for any violation of the rights of the citizens by a Member State, its institutions and the justice system.

The firm provides consultancy in the field of immigration law, exclusively in reference to the issue of residence permits under Articles. 26 and 27 of T.U. Our professionals assist managers and workers in the application and obtaining of residence permits under Articles. 26 and 27 of Legislative Decree. N. 286/1998 [residence permits for self-employment and subordinate employment], supporting them in all activities involved and accompanying them in the various offices according to what is requested by law.

Also we offer assistance for the appeal in case of denial of visa by the Italian consulates, rejection of applications for citizenship, rejection or denial of residency. The firm also deals with the cancellation of unwanted names in the Schengen area from the S.I.S. systems.

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