Labor law, social security, trade unions

The Firm pays special attention in Labor law, Trade Unions and Social Security, on the basis of national and international regulations.

We take care of every aspect of corporate labor law, from the establishment of the employment relationship to the modifying events and its extinction:

– employment contracts, part-time and on project;

– self-employment and agency contracts, intermediation and business procurement contracts;

– restrictive terms of competition, fringe benefits;

– incentive plans and stock option plans;

– employee transfers, employee detachments in Italy and abroad; preparation of corporate disciplinary codes; disciplinary procedures and application of sanctions;

– individual and collective dismissals.

We deal with extraordinary transactions such as transfers of business, the sale of business branches, outsourcing, restructuring plans and conversion.

Experience in the protection of workers rights: appeal for unfair dismissal, reintegration into the workplace, indemnity for damages, wage gap requests, demotion, mobbing, straining, workplace accidents and occupational diseases, professional image damages.