Legal advice on Covid-19 Virus

Urgent health measures taken due to the spread of Covid-19 virus in our country have an impact on international trade, law and tax as well as on Italian and foreign companies and corporate employees.

Our firm provides legal services, strategic and legal advice for international entrepreneurs and corporations, with the aim of solving and optimizing current issues, through our multidiscipline approach, professionals  such as lawyers, tax consultants, accountants, custom agents and custom specialists.

We help businesses in supervened difficulties on import-export and distribution of goods, logistic and custom problems in this particular context of Covid-19 consequences with lock-down, limitation of movements of people and its effects on limitation / slow-down of goods exchange.

Accessing to Government extraordinary provisions to help businesses, activities and workers: application and case-studies Prime Minister Decrees of 17-3-2020 and 22-3-2020 on the Covid-19 Virus Outbreak

Businesses and entrepreneurs of any kinds, and their employees in Italy, can access to a series of supports, incentives, coverage by the State, through the application DPCM n.18 of 17-03-2020 and DPCM 22-03-2020.

The two Decrees contain provisions to support businesses and employees: from the support to companies obliged to suspend their activities to the suspension of payments, taxes, VAT, local taxes, utilities and energy; It is granted a universal  extraordinary salary / wage coverage for 2 months for all companies, in parallel with the prohibition to terminate employees ;

Our law firm assists all individual and corporate clients with access to the rights set out in the above-mentioned decrees and follows the process on how their clients will access such incentives and supportive measures.